High Achiever Geometry Review

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The Geometry section of the High Achiever series from PC Treasures is identical to the Algebra programs of the same series in every way; except for in what material they chose to cover. All of the shortcomings present in the Algebra programs are still here in all their glory.

Each lesson covered in this program is several pages long. Although the pages aren’t that long, if they were put together end-to-end, it would amount to a large collection of material. The interesting thing about the lessons is the fact it says “Lessons” on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, but when it click on it, it comes up with a list of “Chapters.” To top it all off, after “Chapter 12” and before “Chapter 14,” there’s an entry titled “Chapter 13.” This error is also present in the “Quiz” section (which should say “Quizzes” because there’s more than one quiz and it would go along with “Tools” and “Lessons”).

The program helps somewhat with enhancing struggling students’ knowledge of Geometry, but what it does offer doesn’t seem to be anything more than excerpts from your average Geometry textbook. Nothing is done to break the material down into a format anyone could understand. The students are instead left to piece together bits and pieces of material to fill in the blanks of their understanding. Most of them purchase these kinds of programs so they wouldn’t have to do the work, which is also why they go to tutors. Using this program is no better than wading through your textbook to make it out of an impossible batch of programs.

Despite its errors and limitations, the Geometry section of the High Achiever series is serviceable Geometry software deserving of a quick glance over. The patient math students are going to have a good time wading through the twists and turns of this programs and the rest of them are going to be looking elsewhere. It’s a low risk purchase because of its low price. You could buy all the programs in the High Achiever series for less than what you would pay for one copy of the other programs. For that reason alone, it’s worth your time.