Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2009 Review

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Microsoft Student with Encarta has been discontinued. Current customers will receive support until January 2012. For more details from Microsoft, click here.

For an alternative Geometry software, see our review of Math Success Deluxe 2009.

It may have taken over 2300 years, but Microsoft has proved Euclid wrong, there is a “royal road to geometry.” Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2009 once again makes proving theorems simple and this invaluable homework assistant easily earns our “TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.”

Teamed with MSN Encarta and, this product covers all geometry topics including the history of geometry, quotes, graphs, math articles, formulas and more. One of the best features of this product is its online homework tutor through It includes fourteen popular geometry textbooks. Students simply choose their book, and then go to the page and problem number to get step-by-step instructions on how to solve a similar problem with hints and drawings.

Not only does Microsoft Student with, offer the best geometry homework help we could find, but it also covers every school subject, so students only need one program to help them succeed in all of their coursework. Microsoft Student even has its own easy-to-use search that can locate trusted sources of information including articles, photos, web links, dictionary entries, maps, quotes and more.

Teaching Tools

Inside the program there is a fully-functional graphing calculator, an equation solver, explanations of concepts and tutorials. The graphing calculator includes trigonometry, statistics, linear algebra and calculus keys and storage ability.

The math section also includes an expression evaluator, a unit conversion tool, useful formulas and equations, a triangle solver, a graph analyzer, math articles and links, as well as access to online math assistance. Additionally, math topics are searchable. For example, we entered “right angle” into the search toolbar and this program responded with 25 best matches, 175 articles, 19 photos and six dictionary entries.

This product is primarily designed to help students with their coursework; it does not include drills designed at improving skills. However, it does include a few games and quizzes, though not on math related subjects. Online, MSN Encarta offers a long list of games and quizzes that are updated often.

This product can help with all school subjects, not just geometry. It includes excellent resources for writing papers, foreign language tools, articles, maps, virtual tours, multimedia material, book summaries and much more.

Topics Covered

Microsoft Student offers four sources of information, the first is the student program itself, the second is its online math homework helper, the third is the Encarta Kids program and the fourth is MSN Encarta. These four sources cover every geometry topic as well as every other school subject.

Inside the Microsoft Student program, it has useful equations and full explanations of common geometry topics including angles, areas, vectors, translations and many others. The explanations are comprehensive and include text and drawings, in total 150 math topics are covered.

The homework helper is provided through Hotmath offers homework help for fourteen textbooks with full explanations of problems, including hints, rules and complete solutions. In addition to the textbooks, you can choose Hotmath Geometry practice problems and search for help by topic. This online source also covers algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, college algebra and calculus and includes games and instruction on how to use TI graphing calculators.

The Encarta Kids program provides educational games and multimedia presentations. MSN Encarta is a comprehensive online source that covers every subject. It includes an encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, world atlas, multimedia instruction, quizzes, news, college information and much more.

Through these four sources all coursework is covered from junior high through the first couple years of college. An additional benefit to using these programs is that it eliminates the need to perform random, broad Internet searches, which in the long run reduces study time and protects kids from landing on irrelevant or adult oriented webpages.

Ease of Use/Homework Help

This product is extremely easy to use. Nevertheless, in order to utilize this program to its fullest potential you need Internet access to be able to access and MSN Encarta. is the best geometry homework helper we could find and it can quickly be accessed through Microsoft Student. On this site you can choose from fourteen popular geometry textbooks including books by Glencoe/McGraw Hill, McDougal Littel, Prentice Hall and Key Curriculum Press. After finding your textbook, you can select a page and a problem number and get a fully explained answer to a question similar to what is in the textbook. If your textbook is not included, you can search Hotmath Geometry by topic and find sample problems with explanations.

We selected the Geometry textbook Geometry: Concepts and Applications published by Glencoe. We selected page 299, problem number 13 and were prompted to recall the Triangle Inequality Theorem, when we clicked on the down arrow it related this theorem, next it offered a hint, then it explained the hint and offered a full solution. We could not find any other product that offers this kind of comprehensive, relevant and immediate math homework assistance.


These products come with incomparable support including instantaneous help through Microsoft's chat service or contact them by email or telephone. They post useful help pages online and inside the program. The help section explains how to use the program, includes a troubleshooting section and searches for updates.


Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2009 is not only the “royal road to geometry” it is the express route to high marks in every subject. It provides fast solutions to almost any question and can help students organize their research into skillfully presented essays, reports and lab reports in Excel or PowerPoint presentations.